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Design Consultation
We can help you get the most from your project with creative, cost aware, and practical design advice. We are happy to offer architectural consultations including "second opinion" reviews of your own house plans, complete preliminary design of your home projects, advice on remodeling and addition possibilities and options.
sorensen residence tucson arizona Remodeling: Alterations and Additions
Whatever change is being contemplated, no matter how trivial, it is worth studying the whole picture presented by your home and home life. Let us help you discover the various options available, not just the apparent or expedient solutions. New and creative solutions to remodeling an existing home must maintain, respect, and enhance the quality and comfort of the original residence. We can help you spend your construction budget wisely and design a seamless blend of the new and old.
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Kitchen Remodeling
The kitchen is the heart of your home and its most important room. Kitchen design is not merely the arrangement of cabinets - it requires the full integration of this prominent space into your lifestyle and the fabric of your house. A kitchen can vary from a simple utility space to a family living space to a gourmet workspace. Each kitchen is unique and deserves thoughtful professional design. We offer a long history of nationally recognized kitchen design expertise.
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New Residences
Your dream home: A home designed by CDG is created especially for you and for your lifestyle. We focus on your dreams and contribute design excellence to cost-effective and practical solutions for your home. We guide you through the homebuilding experience, paying close attention to the many details required for the success of your project. Our clients enjoy the design and construction processes, feel comfortable that their needs have been met, and above all, are happy living in their new homes.
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