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Building or remodeling your home is a very personal experience. By learning about you and paying attention to the minute and intimate details of how you live, we will design your home to fit your lifestyle, budget, and dreams.
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The first step in the CDG design process is to listen to you, our client. We want to fully understand what you want your home to be. We can then work together to create your home. We are doing more and more long-distance work with clients via the internet. We utilize all of the latest technology to keep in continuous contact with our clients.
The collaborative approach to architecture enables us to use the experience gained by our 40 years of home design to bring your dream to reality.
Building a home with an architect should be fun.
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The experience should be one of the most exciting and rewarding creative efforts of one’s entire life. The process can only be so if you and your architect enjoy a close rapport based on open communication, mutual understanding, and respect.
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Good architecture depends more on experience, imagination, confident visions and sense of adventure than on the size of the checkbook. We believe that a thoughtful approach and sensible design, not more money, form the foundtaion of a good building.
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CDG Architects believes that the only measure of a good project is a happy client. We want you to enjoy the process from beginning to end. We enjoy our work and we show it by bringing our enthusiasm to each new endeavor. And, we are told, by our clients and friends, that this enthusiasm is contagious! frank mascia faia architect
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