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The architectural fee for your project will be negotiated and established as a fixed fee based upon the scope and amount of work required for your project.

Fees range from 6% to 16% of anticipated construction cost. Fee percentages may decrease as project size increases, depending on the project’s complexity. Professional fees for architectural services include normal structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering fees.

The following schedule outlines the range of fees, as a percentage of construction cost, that you can expect to pay CDG Architects for various levels of service. These fees vary with the level of service, size and complexity of your project.
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Design Consultation Services:

Hourly at $175 / hour

Remodeling & Kitchen Design Services:
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Baseline Services
Mid-level Services
Comprehensive Services
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8 - 10%
10 - 12%
12 - 16%
New Custom Residence Services:
Baseline Services
Mid-level Services
Comprehensive Services
6 - 8%
8 - 10%
10 - 14%
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