Jan and I were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet with several of Tucson’s leading architects when we decided to begin to design our new home. It was clear that all of them were capable of designing a beautiful home. however, once we met and talked with Frank we understood that Frank would help us build “our” home. Beyond all others, Frank was focused on listening to us, learning how we live, how we envisioned living in Tucson and what our likes and dislikes are. Only after listening to our needs and wants and understanding us as individuals and as a couple did the design process begin.

Because we had owned our property for several years before beginning the process we had spent quite a bit of time drawing sketches of what we thought our house would be. Frank graciously took our concept drawings and used them as a beginning point. With these ideas in mind Frank retained our basic concepts and made them work from a lifestyle and an aesthetic point of view.

Next came the practical side of the process. As a team Frank and his staff, and our builders spent the necessary time at our site to ensure we understood how the drawings that looked so great on paper would actually work in reality. This critical activity resulted in maximizing the usability of our home.

During the entire process Frank was keenly focused on helping us do all that we wanted, while at the same time maintaining affordability. Frank told us at the beginning it is relatively easy to build a great home if money is unlimited, but the challenge is to build a great home at an affordable price.

With Frank’s expert guidance we now live in a home that has far exceeded our expectations at a cost that fits our budget.

Jan and Tim Henry
Milestone Homes